Citrine Money Tree

Citrine Money Tree

Citrine Tree Feng Shui Bonsai Feng Shui Tree Crystal Money Tree with Chinese Coin Ornaments Table Top Lucky Tree for Home Office Decoration Feng Shui Citrine Money Tree Size: Height: 18 cm (approx.) Width : 6.5 cm (approx.)

Citrine Money Tree will improve the flow of Feng Shui inside your home and help in transforming the space into a positive environment. It is believed to brings luck, attracts abundance, fortune and wealth

CHINESE MONEY TREE - Great for homes, offices, shops and other places.

CITRINE FORTUNE TREE ORNAMENTS - Crystal money tree in money bag, designed for bonsai style, creative and fashionable.

CHINESE FENG SHUI DECORATION - Symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

CHINESE STATUE GIFT - Great housewarming and congratulating gifts or statues decorated with Feng Shui.


Material: Resin, Crystals Style: Feng Shui Color: Yellow